University Support

Upstate Networks provides resources and support to Universities and their students in a variety of areas. Recently Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Senior Design Expo at the University of Colorado, Team VENDetta used the MDB2PC™ circuit board in their project.


Team members:

        Jeffrey Hepworth
        Erik Mauer
        Brendan Murphy
        David Rodriguez


Project Description

VENDetta is a hardware/software package designed to retrofit existing vending machines with new interactive features, energy saving technology, and a global service/inventory system. Our team is retrofitting these machines to make a more user friendly environment, and to reduce operations cost, as well as save energy. The existing user interface will be replaced and/or complimented with a touch screen display, and the latest electronic payment technology. To conserve energy, existing lighting will be replaced with high efficiency lighting and the machines will hibernate when there is no human interaction. The global service/inventory system will allow remote communication with a host server to manage inventory, monitor system status, and service the machine remotely.

Preliminary Design Review presentation:  (2.9 MB PowerPoint)

Critical Design Review presentation:  (6.6 MB PowerPoint)


Custom Lab Coats - Made to order according to the customer design specifications